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The Effects of Alcoholism on Narcissism

Inpatient/residential treatments are generally more intensive for people with more severe symptoms of addiction and dependence. These treatments offer around-the-clock care administered by a team of professionals. To maintain a safe environment for the individual, they will initially live at the treatment facility and have limited contact with people outside the center. Many of the […]

Alcohol Use Disorder and Depressive Disorders PMC

During the course of depression treatment, it may be useful for therapists to reassess alcohol use when there are increases in depressive symptoms (e.g., sleep, libido) that are affected by drinking or when these symptoms do not improve. It may even be helpful to ask patients to keep a log of their drinking and depressive […]

Alcohol and Fibromyalgia: Does Drinking Help or Hurt Symptoms?

It’s rare for people going through alcohol withdrawal to experience hallucinations more than 48 hours after their last drink. There are many resources available for anyone who is ready to stop drinking for good, or who wants to reduce the harm alcohol is causing in their life by cutting down. As you continue to commit […]

Takeaways from Britney Spearss Memoir The Woman in Me The New York Times

I heard an ad on the radio, just today actually linked to the whole dry January thing. And I can’t remember the exact words, but it was along the lines of oh my goodness, January’s such a long month and how much longer till you can have a drink. But never mind by this, whatever […]

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