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Sometimes the cost can be prohibitively expensive, while other times the top brass can mistakenly view labor costs as the best department to skimp on to increase profit margins. Just as with independent contractors, there are hidden costs that businesses contract vs full time employment incur as a result of W2 employees. However, all will factor into your decision as to whether contract or full-time workers are best for your business. If you have contract employees, you are typically not required to offer them health insurance.

Contract workers are not expected to be offered long-term employment or benefits. From the perspective of a creative, temp jobs or contract to hire arrangements can be a great way to learn new skills and get some exposure to life in an art department. For the company, defining new roles and getting specifically skilled talent can be done much more easily and reliably using contract to hire or independent contractors. It’s just as important to know the difference between position definitions as it is to know your product and target market, and if you still need a little help in that regard icreatives is happy to help. Contract employees are also called freelancers, gig workers or consultants. Contract employees do their work apart from the organization or company for which they provide their services.

Using a Creative Staffing Agency for Hiring

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Of course, one of the less-obvious (but very important) benefits of long-term employees is a sense of family and community. In today’s low-minimum-wage environment, many people use contract work to earn higher hourly wages – at least for some of their work hours. As the employer of a 1099 contractor, your only responsibility is to pay the contractor’s fees as invoiced, then supply a Form-1099 each January detailing payments made. If you answered yes to one or several of these questions, it’s likely that, from the IRS’s perspective, your worker should be classified as a W2, or full-time employee.


For a small business, working with contracted and full-time employees can have advantages for both the employer as well as employees. Contract to hire can be used in a variety of creative ways to make things easier for the company and more agreeable for the worker. It can open lots of doors on both sides and we highly suggest it at times when there’s work to do but the exact role is not yet defined. Remember that even if the creative is taken on in a contract to hire agreement or even as a temp, rights to their product are most likely still company property as works made for hire. Since his employer is covering some of his taxes and likely matching retirement contributions and offering paid vacation, he may take home a little more money as a W-2 worker making $55k than as a 1099 contractor making $80k. I would say there are two big differences you should be aware of when doing your taxes for a contract vs. full-time employee position.

Metro Seeing Early Signs of Labor Rebound and Ridership … – The Urbanist

Metro Seeing Early Signs of Labor Rebound and Ridership ….

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