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Corporate Care Service

Our corporate care service works with your organization, company, institution and any kind related workplace recognizing that your workforce is a very important and valuable resource and every individual staff has problems at one time or another and that is part of what it means to be human. And for that matter, we are dedicated to create a life changing care in the workplace through building a caring relationship with your team because a healthier team is more productive and profitable. Our team understands that you cannot be a good boss or a team mate without first taking care of yourself. More and more companies are finding that healthier employees are also happier and more productive.

To the workplace administration;

Our Corporate Care Service (CCS) recognizes that the effects of just one distressed member of staff impacts the whole team and the workplace bottom line as a whole. Our care experts are dedicated to empower your team to be undistracted, unmotivated, productive achieving their peak performance best.

To the Human resource department;

Our Corporate Care Service (CCS) gives a top priority to each individual staff’s needs which gives your team the gift of an improved quality of life. Our team understands the challenges that arise from unresolved personal concerns and are there to install a caring workplace culture to your team.

To the workplace team;

Our corporate Care Service (CCS) recognizes how it can feel so complicated to concentrate on your work while harboring a trail of personal crisis. Our team brings to you a confidential one on one session also can be available on phone calls or virtual meetings to provide you support when you need it most.

Our approach helps our clients and their family members address an array of life challenges before they become distractions that affect home life as well as work performance. Our cornerstone of our approach is confidentiality.

Our Corporate Care Service covers work places both small, medium and large enterprises,

Our program packages

  • Workplace care
  • Corporate chaplaincy care
  • Health care
  • Institutional care (schools, security, ministries etc.)
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