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Mental Health & Rehabilitation care.

Each one of us, regardless of age, race, gender, income, religion is vulnerable to mental illness. Hence, it is important to understand your mind and talk about it with someone you trust. Mental health issues can affect your daily life, career, relationships, and even your physical health. Resolve and Impact Hub will journey you through numerous helpful & informative ways on various issues like depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suicidal tendencies, phobias, and other psychological problems. Our goal is to promote mental health awareness and help you experience behavioral & emotional, social and psychological well-being.

Are you addicted? To love? To food? To substance? To a bad habit? Or perhaps to someone? Addiction is a chronic and relapsing brain disorder.

Being an addict, you will engage in compulsive behavior that provides compelling incentives and rewarding effects repeatedly. However, it will lead to seriously adverse consequences in the long run. Substance use disorders can result in long-lasting changes in your behavior and your brain. You need to understand that addiction can severely ruin your life whether you’re addicted to a person, social media, food, alcohol, drugs, love, sex or anything else.

Resolve and Impact Hub well-staffed team believes that quality life can greatly improve through abstinence and learning skills to maintain sobriety. Our clients who are open to the opportunity of recovery find dramatic changes in their quality of life continue in the years to come. We do honestly understand that it looks a thorny path to begin the journey into our treatment but our team is here to walk the whole journey with you to recovery.

Program package

  • Drug/alcohol use
  • Trauma responses
  • Self-Identity problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Aggressive or self-destructive behavior
  • Anger management
  • Oppositional defiant behaviors
  • Sexual abuse/assault
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