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Mental Health Workshops

In increasingly unpredictable times, mental health is on the decline and the costs to organisations are rising and employee wellbeing is at risk. To address the challenge, our mental health workshops enable organisations to drive a supportive culture and empower employees to manage and protect their own mental health. 

Workshops for leaders. 

Our leader workshops are specifically designed to up skill people leaders with the knowledge, skill and deepen their understanding of mental health and build a supportive mental wellbeing culture for their teams. 

Workshops for managers. 

Managers wear multiple hats doing their day job as well as doing what they can to passionately facilitate change management and this can be an overwhelm.  Your managers play a crucial role in shaping the organizational culture and team performance. Our integrated mental health workshops enable managers to build team resilience, role model healthy performance and facilitate psychological safety in their respective divisions at work. 

Workshops for teams 

High performing teams are essential for business growth. While companies grapple with fast-ever-changing business landscape, economic pressures, need for innovation and employee burn outs, Team effectiveness is at risk. Our mental health experts support your teams to rise to the challenge. 

Workshops for all employees. 

A well-executed mental health workshop can give employees personal control of their own mental health through gaining a broader understanding of mental health and learn how to proactively manage stress and maintain good mental health at work as well as adopting the habits of healthy performance.