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Oppositional defiant behaviors

 Oppositional Defiant behavior can be frustrating in the home and potentially devastating in school. It can lead to suspension or expulsion, and may negatively affect a child’s social relationships and ability to learn. If untreated, oppositional behavior can escalate as the child ages. In the teenage years or during adulthood, oppositional or defiant behavior may have significant and lasting consequences socially, legally, occupationally, and psychologically.

It increases the risk of substance abuse, legal difficulties, relationship problems, and workplace issues in both adolescence and adulthood. It can disrupt classrooms, be a chronic source of family stress, and leave those diagnosed with defiant behavior feeling bewildered, frustrated, and angry.

 Prompt attention treatment greatly reduces the risk of later psychological and social issues. The right therapist can help a person with defiant behavior control their impulses, understand their emotions, and nurture productive and rewarding relationships

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