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Training Capacity Building

 Training and capacity building is at the heart of what we do at Resolve & Impact Hub and it evolves much more than gaining critical skills and knowledge of individuals. It’s embedded in the organizational culture to allow holistic engagement in a process of change and change management. We do this through in-person and virtual delivery programs of mostly one day, interactive and practical engagements for our partner organizations. 

We build organizational capacity in workplaces, identifying support requirements through diagnostic assessments of teams and individuals. This analytical approach drives our capacity building responses, using varied effective and innovative approaches including classroom training, on-the-job-mentoring, seminars, e-learning and peer to peer support. 

Our expert team help our clients to address today’s most pressing workplace needs. We provide expert advice and support to deliver change. Our practical solutions are designed to make an impact at the bottom line. 

Our training programs are designed to provide insight into the current priorities and focal points within the world of work, reflecting essential skills and knowledge required for both teams and individuals to thrive.