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I heard an ad on the radio, just today actually linked to the whole dry January thing. And I can’t remember the exact words, but it was along the lines of oh my goodness, January’s such a long month and how much longer till you can have a drink. But never mind by this, whatever it is, you know, whatever, chocolates, https://ecosoberhouse.com/ sweets, I can’t know what it was to cheer you up. And this and that is the kind of Zeitgeist feeling, that, Oh, without booze, everything’s terrible. That literally, the opposite is true. Yeah, I mean, I think because I came from a background where I originally did use the label, you know, I did get sober at 23.

alcohol free lifestyle

Cutting out alcohol improved my physical fitness, and my diet. In early sobriety I allowed myself a lot of treats for my sugar cravings, but that passed. I find myself eating healthier simply because I’m paying more attention to my body now. Since alcohol is so ingrained into the culture we can be expected to drink everywhere.

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But there’s not much guidance on how to quit drinking safely, particularly for people who don’t seek treatment because they think their drinking isn’t severe enough to warrant “detox” or “rehab” programs. There are also social aspects of going alcohol-free that you may not be expecting. So whether this is the first or 50th time you’re quitting drinking, here are five important things to keep in mind. Clean your iPhone immediately if it comes into contact with contaminants that might cause stains, such as ink, dyes, makeup, dirt, food, oils, and lotions.

So anyway, I think that the nutrition piece and the being prepped with the right snacks and drinks is a super important part of this. Yeah, I think making sure that you are that you have some kind of spirituality or inspirational outlet of some kind. And you will very quickly find that a little voice in Your head will say, Oh, I know you would had a couple of months sober. But oh, what the hell you know, it, won’t it or whatever the boy says to you. Whereas if you can constantly be reminded that life is better, life is better without the booze is that positive sobriety peace? Yeah, and start to consider what else could be there for me, you know, what other layers can I unwrap?

Reasons to Love an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

And it had the same psychiatrist since then, he was like, Oh, good. You know, I’ve done so much work in the past five years. Alcohol can exacerbate and even cause long-term depression and anxiety. Cutting out alcohol has literally rewired my brain.

alcohol free lifestyle

But when it came to the booze, or that didn’t count, because everyone did that. And of course, there were this many news articles that said, it was good for me. You know, I love those news articles that said, the glass of red wine is good for your heart. I mean, we know it’s absolute BS, you know, have a grape if you want that, but, but at the time, alcohol free lifestyle I kind of inhaled these those news items. And Wow, fantastic, you know, and fortunately, because I was otherwise healthy, and I was having a decent number of supplements and all the rest of it. You know, I mean, I remember when I told my psychiatrist that I was leaving a, because I literally I think I saw her when I was like three days sober.

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