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Business Development and Financial Wellbeing Lead

Personal Experience

MBA Marketing with over 18 years of professional and practical experience in business development, banking, consulting, personality development, community mobilization, and life coaching.

Nathan has contributed significantly towards the development of various financial product ( savings and loans), digital platforms, new product and service launches, go-to-market strategies and penetration, off-taking strategic partnerships, training and capacity building and creating strategic partnerships for various financial and non-financial organizations in Africa and Global markets.

He founded JOGO Community Fund Uganda and COO at the Vaccine Access Initiative Uganda. A seasoned life coach and a trainer with a unique approach to communicating effectively with people and to helping them learn to understand and develop themselves.

Nathan uses a set of practical models and techniques carried over the years in banking and based on the study of language and how one can use their thoughts for personal change, communication, and learning and towards leading a happier and successful personal life.

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