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Abel Tindao is the Executive Director of Hearts & Hands Foundation which supports communities economically, spiritually and socially. Director, Hearts and Hands vocational institute which provides Hands on skills training for the youth to create their own jobs and self-reliant in Districts of Rwenzori Region. HHF also supports different organizations on grounds of child care rights, women rights and community development. Abel strongly believes in empowering young people and to transform communities with an embedded change model of enabling young people to adapt and thrive for a positive lasting contribution to society. 

Dr. Abel holds a master’s degree of science in strategic intelligence and also advanced training in Geospatial. He is a graduate of Makerere University and Institute of Marine Science (ISMAR) 

He is also an innovation development program’s director of Seafront Marines and working with the Government of Uganda under ministry of defense. 

Dr. Abel has trained and worked with different agencies in computerizing and building strategic marine’s intelligence systems, he developed different models and applications in marine monitoring, challenges and time consuming tasks in marine field. He also developed concepts of efficiency and reliable data-driven methods for automatic analysis of complex marine observation data for sustainable approaches in using convolutional neutral networks in detecting water  objects and underground water surveillance where classification from acoustic data emerge and done in reliable deep learning methods. He also developed more advanced concepts in visual intelligence in marine science in Africa. 

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