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C0-Founder and MD

Personal Experience

Jasper Nuwahereza is passionate about challenging mental health stigma and building a healthy workplace wellbeing culture where people can thrive. He combines expertise in workplace wellbeing, people development and managing partnerships. it makes him stand out as a mental health champion in the world of work.

He is a member of the wellbeing Academy managed by PVL Learning and Development( UK) a resource hub for workplace wellbeing business development.

As a mental health facilitator, He empowers individuals and groups with knowledge and understanding of self management strategies like challenging stigma, improving awareness and understanding mental health disorders using Mental Health First Aid Toolkit to assist others, modeling of self-seeking behaviors and using spiritual therapy skills to impact lives.

Jasper has featured on wellbeing radio talk shows, mental health session facilitator at Kampala Youth Recovery Foundation and Reclaim Health Rehabilitation Center and many other related engagements.

 β€œTo the men of principle, faith and daring, the world is indebted for its great reforms. By such men the work of reform for this time must be carried forward.” 

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