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Personal Experience

I’m glad you have come to see what drives me into this pursuit for a passionate touch of service for an empowered society able to resolve an array of life issues on their own. 

Each day presents me with unique opportunities to interact with individuals and communities that are hurting; by themselves, by others or hurt others. As a result, every life out there ends up with some sort of physical, social, spiritual and emotional imbalance. 

As Resolve & Impact Hub, we commit to a wholistic and innovative approach that aims to help and empower you to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals by resolving problems and improving your quality of life. 

Just like Gideon in the Bible who was always waiting upon God to send help to his people under oppression but instead God told him that, “you are the help you have been asking for.” This gives me the impetus to stand in the same boots to be the help just as Gideon became. 

As “Iron sharpens Iron, so one person sharpens another”. This presents me with an opportunity to motivate, inspire, encourage and help people to get the best results out of themselves.  

Resolve and impact Hub will be a trusted help along the path to all who relate with us. Sometimes we need a push to show us that this is possible and to steer us on the right path to get the right results. 

Jasper holds a PGD in Strategic Management and Leadership (India), Bachelors of Theology and Healthy Chaplaincy from Bugema University. 

He has interacted with all round visionary leaders of class, decency, common sense, excellence and integrity and as well health coaches. He is also highly experienced as a spiritual therapist in Mental Health and Rehabilitation settings as well as Media talk shows.  

 “To the men of principle, faith and daring, the world is indebted for its great reforms. By such men the work of reform for this time must be carried forward.” 

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